About us - history

In the 1950s, with his discovery of “activators”, Dr. Giuseppe Giammarco, revolutionised the technology of CO2 removal on a world-wide basis to such an extent that nowadays Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC) activated solutions are still the most exploited, owing to the low capital and operating cost.

In the 1970s the application of the arsenic-based inorganic activator was abandoned for good and replaced by glycine, an organic non-toxic activator.

The 1980s witnessed the success of GV low-energy regeneration technology at two pressure levels, which is at present the simplest and most efficient system for the regeneration of HPC activated solutions.

In the 1990s GV renovated its solution by adding a second organic activator, a secondary amine, which works in synergy with glycine (GV Dual activated solution). In the 1996 GV acquired the activities of CARSOL process with an exclusive right to utilise CARSOL know-how for construction of new units and/or revamp of the existing ones.

In the 2000s GV consolidated its prominent position supplying the CO2 removal technology for the two biggest twin Ammonia/Urea complexes in the world: FertiNitro 21800 MTPD NH3 in Venezuela and OMIFCO 21750 MTPD NH3 in Oman.

Nowadays the GV process is applied in over 340 units built all over the world (of which over 60 based on the low-energy regeneration technology), thus being an important outcome of Italian chemical technology abroad.