The Energy Efficiency of the Giammarco-Vetrocoke (GV) Low-Energy CO2 Removal Process is Dramatically Increased by Implementing a GV Innovative Multi-Stage Pressure Regeneration Scheme

L. Tomasi, W. Giacopini, Giammarco-Vetrocoke srl, Venice - Italy


Giammarco-Vetrocoke (GV), a leading company since 1955 in the field of the CO2 Removal Processes, is presenting a technical innovation to the well-known GV low-energy process, which allows to achieve a dramatically reduction of the energy requirement for the solution regeneration. The efficiency of the GV low-energy regeneration process, based on two pressures regeneration stages, is dramatically enhanced by adding a final third regeneration stage operating under mild vacuum which, by recovering waste heat at low temperature for the solution regeneration, cuts the heat disposed by the cooling water/air-cooler services. The innovative GV process, when applied to new designed low-energy grass-root ammonia units, can operate without any import of LP steam. The paper highlights the CAPEX-OPEX benefits given by the innovative GV process vs the best available CO2 removal technologies.