Nitrogen/Syngas 2007, International Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain 25-28 Feb 2007

CO2 Removal at the OMIFCO Complex in Oman: Balancing Energy-Efficiency and Capital Cost

L. Tomasi - M. Corò
Giammarco-Vetrocoke srl, Venice - Italy

The OMIFCO Ammonia/Urea complex erected at Sur - Sultanate of Oman is designed to produce 2x1750 MTPD of Ammonia based on Haldor Topsoe process and 2x2530 MTPD of Granular Urea based on Snamprogetti Melt Technology/Uhde Fertiliser Technology.
GV low-energy process, already operating in four big Ammonia/Urea complexes belonging to the Indian partner of the joint-venture Oman-India Fertiliser Company SAOC (OMIFCO), was selected for the CO2 removal units.
The paper explores the benefits achieved by the GV process, whose lowest capital cost makes the break-even point very attractive versus the competitor physical & chemical/physical processes, in the countries at low NG cost.
Finally the paper describes the pre-commissioning/commissioning activities carried out on the GV CO2 removal units focalising the smooth operations of putting on stream the plant giving an important contribution to the ammonia production in record time.