Energy Saving and Capacity Increase at the JSC “Cherepovetsky” Azot Ammonia Plant by Conversion to the GV CO2 Removal Process

L. Tomasi, Giammarco-Vetrocoke srl, Venice - Italy
I. N. Kruglov, JSC Cherepovetsky Azot, Russia


JSC “Cherepovetsky Azot” is implementing a series of modification to TEC Ammonia Plant operated in Cherepovetz, Russia with the target of increasing the NH3 production by 25 % with a concomitant optimisation of the overall energy efficiency of the NH3 Unit. The technology offered by Giammarco-Vetrocoke (GV) was the excellent process chosen to achieve the goal by overcoming the serious bottleneck of the CO2 removal section. In fact the CO2 Removal Unit, originally designed with two twin parallel strippers, was easily converted into the GV low-energy system based on the Dual Pressure Regeneration, achieving a global energy saving of 35 % allowing the plant capacity increase.
A further improvement of the revamp was the installation of a special CO2 purifier in order to increase up to 99.7 % the purity of the feed to the Urea Unit.
The paper describes the benefits of the revamping, the technologies adopted and the results achieved thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Casale and GV referenced in other four similar revamps successfully operating since years.